About Us

halumm Construction Technology Co.,LTD originated in Germany, has been committed to the development and application of integrated solutions for prefabricated construction, including the prefabricated steel structure building system, the prefabricated interior system and design, production, installation, informationized operation and maintenance the prefabricated partition system. The registered capital of the company is 11 million US dollars.

Our company is a national high-tech enterprise and provincial enterprise research institute, identified as the first batch of Yuhang Academician Working Station,  and the leading company of innovative partition system .  halumm  won The 20th patent award of China, Since halumm has reliable design R&D teams, owns hundreds of patents related to prefabricated steel structures for buildings and compilation includes 22 national, industrial, group and local standards includingTechnical Standard for Assembled Buildings with Steel-Structure, Technical Standard for Integrated and Prefabricated Interior Decoration of Medical Buildings.

The company participated in Xiong’an Civic Center, the Peking Capital Airport, Shanghai Center, Wuhan Asian Heart Hospital, Wall Street Unite Office, Presidential Palace of Ethiopia, Kuwait National Petroleum Group, Huawei Bahrain Headquarters ETC., which is the general contractor for assembly hall of Hangzhou G20 Summit and BRICs’ Xiamen Summit Media Center. Simultaneously, halumm is the prefabricated construction supplyer for large companies including CSCEC, MCC, China Railway, Zhongjiang international, etc.