Prefabricated steel structure building system & prefabricated interior system
Green, eco-friendly new building

Integrated Solution

Prefabricated steel structure building system

   halumm prefabricated steel structure building system covers integrated design, building structure, enclosure system, interior system, electromechanical and pipeline system, maintenance system, informatization management and intelligent application, etc. It uses advanced international production and processing equipment to complete the production and processing of prefabricated assemblies to make them highly finished, achieving 100% prefabricated construction on site. At the same time, the assemblies can be dismantled and reused, so that the architectures are no longer one-time works of art, but standardized industrial products.

Prefabricated interior system

     The standardized and modularized open interior system provides unlimited possibilities for the users’ personalized needs. The selection of green and eco-friendly materials, high precision production process and the standard assembled construction technology greatly shorten the construction period and at the same time, ensure that the interior system is free of formaldehyde, protecting the safety and health of customers.