Small private space solution
Standardized design, modular assembly, convenient for later maintenance and reconstruction
Small private space solution

Small Private Space

Such small private space should meet basic requirements, such as soundproof, durable, comfortable, using eco-friendly material with necessory function -- light, air ventilation, seat, table, etc.

High modular panels make whole assemble easy and fast. It also benefits for packing and transportation.

Eco-friendly materials are used to create a comfortable space with qir ventilation, good soundproof and basic devices.

Based on standard structure, customization is available as per demands. Such as size, color and typical functions.

Modular ceiling system
The top - Surface broadband keel is preburied, which can give the wall system an arbitrary installation position, and the ceiling board and the lamp position can be adjusted quickly.
Modular elevated floor
With reasonable arrangement of ground wiring and integration of socket systems
Intelligent Application System