Prefabricated Partition system
Environmental protection raw materials, simple assembly, 100% recyclable

Pre-fabricated steel partition system

The design andmanufacturing processes are originated from Germany and Italy, which featureswith modern appearance, excellent sound insulation and fire resistance. Thesystem is a perfect interpretation of aesthetics, functionality and safety. Itdecorates different panels with its exquisite process and design to meetvarious needs of space.

    • Steeple-Steel panels

    • Steeple-Double glass panels

    • Steeple-Planika

    • Steeple-Wooden panels

Pre-fabricated aluminum partition system

    • Athens——Double panle partition

      Single panle width of partition: ≤2400mm
      Partition height of pure aluminum alloy structure can reach to 4000mm
      Partition thickness: 98mm
      Stirting height: standard 44mm.100mm (66mm 88mm available)
      Glass Panel: tempered glass
      Wood Panel: MDF+wood veneer+surface painting

    • Onlin——Double glass partition
      width: 1000/1200mm                                                              
      Height: Up to 3000mm                                      
      The thickness of the partition:86mm                          
      The thickness of the skirting:30mm                           
      The thickness of the glass: 5mm  
      Panel: 12mm tempered glass
    • Crysal——Single glass partition

      Partition width: 1200mm

      Partition height: 3200mm
      Partition thickness: 98mm

      Stirting height:: 45mm

      Frame material: Aluminum

      Panle:Tempered glass、Laminate glass、Fire resistant tempered glass

    • Europe——Double glass partition

      Partition width: 1000-1200mm
      Pure aluminum frame height: 4000mm
      Aluminum-steel frame height: 6000mm
      Partition thickness: 98mm
      Stirting height: standard 100mm (66mm、88mm available)

Pre-fabricated customization partition system

    • Movable partition system

      heavy-capacity rail to secure the partition 
      precision welding between tracks to reduce maintenance rate
      tempered glass, simple and bright 
      height: 3500mm 
      width of the partition: 800mm to 1200mm
      panel: glass thickness: 10mm; 12mm 

    • Wall cladding

      Feature: back hanging style, invisible, simple
      Height: according to the height of the back wall
      Module size: 1200mm*2400mm
      Wall thickness: 65mm
      Board type: fire-proof board, melamine board, HPL board, wood veneer
      Glass type: 5mm tempered glass 


    • Steel door system
      Doors system come in many design options with visible
      wood texture, smooth surface or glass. Wooden doors use
      the German Sauerland extruded tubular or solid particle
      board. Sauerland boards meets the requirements for doors
      in residential and commercial buildings with respect to
      sound insulation, fire resistance, burglar-proofness and di-
      mensional stability in different climates.